About Us

Supply of iron ore, pellets and iron concentrate for processing plants and production of sponge iron and briquettes

Supply of sponge iron and silicon manganese for smelters and production of ingots and billets in percentage of purity and proportional analyzes​​​​​​​

Supply of ingots and billets in custom grades and dimensions according to customer analysis

Supply and supply of scrap and steel scrap for smelters

Supply of steel sheets in different types for factories producing pipes and industrial and construction profiles

Rolling mill monopoly contracts (supply of ingots and exclusive sale of products)

Sales, export and trade of all steel sections, including rebars, beams, angles, studs, coils, wires, sheets, and all types of pipes and industrial and construction profiles

Intenational marketing and attracting main customers in neighboring countries and regions and exporting items according to standards in accordance with the destination country in the form of EXW - FOB - DAP - CIF - FCA - CF

Artin Foolad Azar Company, after 10 years of activity of board members and employees in the field of steel under another name, was registered as a special joint stock company in the first year of 1997
With the expansion of activities in the field of steel, in addition to supplying steel sections of public and private projects and wholesale and retail of climbing products to supply raw materials for rolling mills including ingots and billets and raw materials for smelters, including sponge iron and Manganese silicon and steel scrap were treated